I’m Saiya, a Personal Trainer from The Netherlands, via Australia, currently located in the UK. I’m a lover of  food, movement and travel.

Long story short… I got a knee injury playing football (bugger) which resulted in surgery. I got myself a PT to help strengthen my knee and to better my health a wellbeing. Instead of being bitter that I couldn’t continue my football career, I fell in love with the the PT lifestyle and decided I wanted to assist other people in their fitness journey. Soon I completed my PT course and I haven’t looked back.

I travel… A LOT! I caught the bug from my mum who had me on a long-haul flight within my first 6 months on the Earth. I loved sharing my travel experience with others, so that’s why I included in my blog. Hopefully it will inspire others to get out and explore!

I absolutely love working with people to smash their fitness goals and find it incredibly rewarding to watch their progress and laugh along the way. I’m a flexible spirit and believe an array of training styles will benefit most people.

This experience taught me the true value of health. Something I am now truely passionate about and has become my mission to inspire and educate others to lead a healthier life that stems from self love and ultimate freedom.

That said, I’m particularly passionate about strength training for women so if you’re a gal with goals and fancy a chat please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you and help with any queries you might have.





I’d love to hear from you…


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